About Me

Dealey Plaza, 2018

Who I Am

Logan was born to two Air Force pilots, leaving his head permanently stuck in the clouds. Growing up, he alternated between idyllic Peachtree City, Georgia and far-off spots like Munich and Beijing. He grew fascinated by the contrast between his provincial upbringing and the vast world outside. His imagination flared and he began writing every chance he could, eventually landing him at the University of Southern California’s Screenwriting program. While focusing on writing, he also studied both music composition and directing at USC.

After his sophomore year at USC, he returned to Peachtree City and directed his first feature-length film, Progidy. Over a month and a half of shooting, he led a team of more than a hundred people to tell the coming-of-age story of a teenage girl attending McIntosh High School – the alma mater of Logan and much of the cast and crew.

After graduation, Logan worked as soundtrack composer for director Rob Smat’s 2019 feature The Last Whistle. The film premiered at the 2018 Lone Star Film Festival in Fort Worth, Texas, before a digital release on Netflix. The soundtrack itself has accrued more than 100 thousand listens on Spotify.

Immediately following his work on The Last Whistle, Logan took on his second feature directing role, entitled My Tinder with Andre. Co-written with joint leads Amber Laird and Jordan Iacovella, the film narrates in real-time a Tinder date between the cynical realist, Chloe, and the idealistic dreamer, Andre. The film premiered at Atlanta’s historic Plaza Theatre and has since been released on streaming services.

Currently, Logan is working with director Sydney Leimbach on a documentary about girl’s volleyball in the Southeast entitled Hitting the Ceiling. Logan served as a producer and camera operator through production, and is now in the process of editing and scoring the finished product.

In addition to his personal work, Logan has assisted in crew, editorial, and support positions for works such as Sundance premiere Beast Beast, Marvel’s Ant-Man, Beachside’s Mr. Roosevelt and The Miseducation of Cameron Post, and B2B videos for Atlanta’s Marketcraft Productions.

My Tinder with Andre is out now on Amazon Prime Video and Tubi!