Logan has served as the composer for two feature-length films, The Last Whistle and Progidy.

The Last Whistle (2019) was written and directed by Rob Smat in Fort Worth, Texas. The film tells the story of a high school football team struck by tragedy when a star player dies during practice. The film focuses on head coach Victor Trenton (played by Friday Night Lights’ Brad Leland) as he struggles with the aftermath of this event.

The music takes stylistic inspiration from Explosions in the Sky’s scoring work for Friday Night Lights while also incorporating strings, melodic basslines, and country-western songs. Soundtrack due out soon on Spotify and Apple Music.

The Last Whistle (Fox Sports Broadcast Teaser) from Robert A. Smat on Vimeo.

The soundtrack of Progidy was composed under the instruction of award-winning composer and Tanglewood Fellow, Sarah Gibson. Scored for piano, guitar, bass, and minimal strings, the soundtrack gives a whimsical chamber feel to an offbeat story.

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