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Wake Turbulence

After her husband’s plane crashes, fellow airline pilot Kate Keyes travels with her teenage son to Narita, Japan to collect the remains. There, she meets the Amachis – her husband’s secret second family. Forced together, the two families must contend with funeral rites, the media’s investigation, and the husband they never really knew.

The Lake Trip

Ten years ago, Velvet Walsh and her three best friends spent graduation weekend visiting Lake Hartwell. Recreating the trip now, they discover a magical portal that allows them to travel back to that lost weekend. They meet their high school selves, unpacking old heartbreaks and facing uncertain futures.


Awkward journalism major Justin Ashby gets roofied at a frat party. Without any knowledge of what happened to him or who did it, he pledges the frat to solve the mystery. As he’s drawn further in, he uncovers dark secrets behind the Greek system and fights to bring the true perpetrator to justice.

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